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Up to  an 1 hour session.

15 digital edited images on a custom USB.

NO copyright.

ALL images in hi resolution.



Up to  an 2 hour session.

ALL digital images on a custom USB.

20 digital edited images on a custom USB.

NO copyright logo on any images.

ALL images in hi resolution.


Jamie has years of experience connecting with and photographing children of all ages. We work on location capturing portraits of children in beautiful light and locations.​ Kids, being Kids we will engage with them and bring out their personalities in their photographs.


Some kids are nervous and shy we allow enough time for these kids to relax and feel more comfortable with us. Other kids are full of fun and mischief they generally need our sometimes silly but always purposeful games to keep them occupied enough to capture their vivacious spirits.


We aim to show the kids just as naturally they are at this stage of their lives. We design your photo shoot to suit your portrait needs. From funky to traditional, outrageous to conservative, off the wall to beautifully every day photography. Your kids photo shoot can be happily smiling at the camera through to interactive, play full photos where the camera is recording the fun without your photography looking posed and shots.


We have the skills, patience, and ability to connect with your children on a level that will result in gorgeous images of your son or daughter.  As a south coast photographer, We prefer to work outdoors in many beautiful and varied locations – ranging from green grass areas, urban areas, to the beautiful ocean. Jamie is a master at crafting well lit, dramatic, and rich shots of children.

If you would like one of the best south coast Photographers, please contact Jamie to begin planning your custom kids session!

A non refundable deposit of $50 is to be made when booking the date of your shoot.

YES you can split the payments up so you dont have to leave the full

amount of your shoot at once.

For an example on package ONE ($70 deposit, $110 on the day of your shoot, $110 when you pick up your photos)

Choice to make payment plans to suit you (last payment you can pick up the USB)